About Us

Founded in 2008, Spectrum Geothermal Heat Pumps, Inc., is a renewable energy company based in Lehi, Utah with manufacturing facilities in Odessa, Washington. Geothermal heat pump products are our only business. As a green company, we only offer our literature in downloadable format on our website. We go to market through independent manufacturer’s representatives, to provide a dealer direct relationship.


Our Dealers

We do not concentrate on selling large quantities of equipment; therefore, we can focus on building quality products of which we can be proud. We are more concerned with engaging experienced dealers who know how to sell to the quality conscious consumer. We believe that the dealer controls the sales process, and while customers may know they want a geothermal system, we believe that ultimately the dealer makes the equipment recommendation and tips the scale toward the brand he sells.


Our Products

We have talked with many dealers and heard their concerns. To that end, we have designed our products with you the dealer in mind. We use off-the-shelf components and make our units easy to work on and easy to install. In the unlikely event that a dealer has to provide same day replacement of a part, the part can be obtained from the local wholesaler.

In addition, our units have some unique features like PLC based controls with English read outs, an internal duct system that allows our units to work well in low headroom situations, and the industry’s only all-aluminum cabinet. Moreover, we use triple layer automotive grade sound deadening insulation for superior noise control, Copeland two-stage scroll compressors and Emerson EcoTech blowers. A Limited Lifetime Warranty is standard on our products (lifetime on the cabinet and PLC and 10 years parts and labor on the refrigeration circuit and other parts).


Our Philosophy

We want to do business only with dealers who are serious about geothermal. We want to provide a dealership experience, by which all others will be judged. To our dealers we offer what no other geothermal manufacturers offer, protected territories. We believe that it is better for our dealers not to have somebody else selling the same equipment and trying to beat them on price. Our products will never be the low price alternatives, we have designed them for the discerning dealer who wants exclusivity and only wants to the sell the best.